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Product Details:
Product Length: 14.17 inches
Product Width: 14.17 inches
Product Height: 13.94 inches
Product Weight: 5.73 pounds
Package Length: 15.4 inches
Package Width: 15.2 inches
Package Height: 15.1 inches
Package Weight: 8.6 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 206 reviews
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Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 4.0 ( 206 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

85 of 86 found the following review helpful:

5Great DeviceJan 29, 2007
By David W. Tribbett "theTribster"
I bought this device to keep 8 rather larges plants watered while I travel every month. I used two drippers per pot and left plenty of extra tubing between the plants. It worked great, really great. I've had to use it 5x so far and each time it worked perfectly.

I've tried several things in the past including other drip system as well as the 3 different kinds of watering spikes. Not of them worked as well or as easily as the Oasis. Highly recommend this.

49 of 50 found the following review helpful:

4Plants live!May 27, 2005
By Wargun
After 30 days, all of my plants are alive and well. I can't believe it worked! It took a little time to set up but it worked as planned.

Well recommended!

88 of 95 found the following review helpful:

1Not for hard waterOct 28, 2008
By WR Davis
I have had the Oasis for three years and have tried to use it three times - the first time it worked perfectly. The second time I came home to dead plants! It seems that the valve can get stuck - the electronic timer drives a green coil (electro magnet) that opens and closes the water valve. If it is working you can hear it make a "thunk" noise when you move the switch from off to 10. No thunk means the valve is stuck (assumes a new battery). The green coil can be pulled off by removing the machines bottom (just pull it off) and unscrew the nut holding the coil to the valve. A strong magnet can then be moved along the valve to make it open and close. After I did this a few times I reassembled the machine and it is working again - but I don't trust it! I suspect the very hard water here in the Southwest is making the valve stick. Use distilled water or don't buy or buy a new one every year!

41 of 44 found the following review helpful:

532 days later, all plants were alive!Jul 16, 2010
By Marko S. Rukonic "rux"
After searching Internet for a long time to find a watering system, I decided to risk $80 and buy this one. And what a wonderful surprise - after 32 days, all plants were thriving! I used the 30 day setting with 18 drippers and there was still some water left at the bottom. Throughout my vacation I was worried about my plants - in spite of reading positive reviews on Amazon, I was still a bit concerned, since 30 days is a long time, especially in summer.
Here are some tips for people who are using this system for the 1st time:
1. The 10/20/30/40 day settings actually mean this: "If the tank is full, this system will empty it through 20 drippers in that much time".
2. 30 day setting with 20 drippers will release just a bit too much water for small plants (6" pot or so)
3. Even if you're away only 10 days, it's ok to use 30 day setting, even with all drippers used - that releases plenty of water
4. Make sure to follow instructions on expelling all air from the hose
5. Do not let any dirt or larger particles into the tank
6. Make sure the plants are in the shade, at least most of the day
7. 2 drippers/30 day program are enough even for a small tree (I have 4 pine trees, 4-7' tall)

I was so glad to find all plants safe after my long trip; even though I could've maybe asked a friend, it was worth $80 to avoid asking for such favors.

27 of 28 found the following review helpful:

3Great while it workedSep 10, 2008
By M. B Johnson
My husband and I bought this in June 2006. We used it off an on when we went on trips in 2007. We got it out of storage in August 2008 because we were going on vacation and naturally, it doesn't work anymore. The battery light comes on, but no water comes out. Removed the hoses and retested it - still nothing. The problem seems to be inside the water containment unit itself. Of course, the warrantee is up - it was only good for 2 years. I hate to throw it away, but at the same time I'm not paying money to ship it to Italy either. I checked the Claber website (English version) and there's definitely no help there. Too bad there is no US support for this product.

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